Business Process Innovation

GLS utilizes our expertise in Business Process Innovation to help companies respond effectively to environmental threats and opportunities, re-design process to align with organizational goals, as well as to decrease expenses, increase productivity or increase revenue. Our BPI process includes a fresh approach towards the backbone of any organization: people, processes, and technology. While most consultants view the steps that are taken by people, processes, and technology to occur sequentially, our staff is trained to conceptualize how your overall strategy will benefit from simultaneous development of the three organizational backbones.02a-bpi

Our simply 5-step process includes targeting the current state for an initial profile of opportunities, designing alternatives and a cost-benefit analysis based upon business cases, building the best solution for you, testing this solution in a situation where it can be closely monitored, and evaluating the new solution and strategy. Throughout this process we consistently evaluate inputs, outputs, technology, environmental context, feedback, and productivity to maximize your adaptability, efficiency, effectiveness, and timeliness. Once completed, this intuitive 5-step model creates transparency and assists organizations in aligning with customer needs, utilizing resources, and realizing all the benefits of efficient internal processes.

Many approaches to BPI can be encapsulated and implemented within our work, such as:

• Lean approach

• Bottleneck analysis

• Six-sigma

• Improve process capacity

• Waste reduction

• Reduce cycle time

• Improve process quality

• Increase resource utilization

• Reduce process variability

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