Case Studies

Case Studies



Eminence Organic Skin Care

Challenges.  Eminence is a manufacturer and distributor of organic health and beauty products with double digit

growth. The supply chain was experiencing challenges in servicing the growth.

Success. Two of our senior consultants took interim management positions as the Director and in Demand Planning. A number of new hires were accomplished along with process improvements over several months. The supply chain is now well positioned for further continuous improvement and supporting growth.



City of Vancouver

Challenges.  The City of Vancouver had a very complex network of warehouses (Stores) supporting various city crews and workshops. The networks evolved over many years to serve specific internal customers with high cost-to-serve.

Success. Our consultants conducted a comprehensive review and facilitated workshops with key stakeholder groups. We built a financial, organizational and technology model that was adopted by the municipality as a go forward improvement initiative to save millions of dollars while keeping service levels high.



LMS Steel Reinforcing Group

Challenges. The company was experiencing significant differences between physical inventory and computer records.

 Success. A detailed review of the inventory processes from receiving to delivery indicated several process disconnects thus identifying sources of error. Our consultant provided recommendations that increased inventory accuracy.



Challenges. CNRL extracted heavy oil at multiple locations and then used trucks to transport the heavy oil, sand and water to Cleaning Plants. The company was experiencing significant and expensive waiting time costs for trucks at the Cleaning Plants.

Success. Our consultants use management science and queuing theory to develop a current state model and develop an improved operation. We  provided recommendations and a project plan to reduce the complexity of the trucking operation and reduce the waiting time expense by several million dollars.


national defense

Department of National Defence Fleet Maintenance Facility (FMF)

Challenges.  The FMF was establishing a consolidated facility for fleet maintenance. Common spare parts across all work stations involved shadow inventories with a mix of loose and tight controls along with large expenditures and management time.

Success. Our consultants worked with the staff of the new facility to design and pilot a new system for the common  parts. The solution included stratifying the inventory SKUs, establishing proportional degrees of control, setting min/max, and outsourcing replenishment.



University of British Columbia

Challenges. The parts warehouse for the Operations Department was implementing SAP and required a layout and slotting strategy to optimize the use of space.

Success. In two weeks, our consultants produced plans for changing of storage media, process improvement and a slotting plan based on future needs. The plan also reduced search and travel time.



Longview Fibre

Challenges.  Longview ran the plant 24 hours per day, 365 days per year. Maintenance is an important part of the uptime for the plant. Thus Procurement, warehousing and parts are critical-to-uptime components.

Success. As part of a consulting team, we prepared the supply chain input to a complex business case which was approved by the company Executive for improvement to the critical uptime.



BC Hydro

Challenges. BC Hydro  used internal and external transportation providers to move heavy material and common use items throughout a dispersed network of Stores and construction sites. Visibility into transportation operations was of concern to management as was the cost.

 Success. Our consultants conducted an extensive analysis and provide recommendations to change to an outsourced provider for truckloads thus simplifying the operation and saving millions of dollars. We then constructed a significant business case that was approved by the Utility Board and followed up with a ‘stress test’ exercise of the new transportation service to validate the change.



Evergro Group of Companies

Challenges.  Evergro was running out of space with the result that customer service was declining. The lack of space showed up in large inventories and in declining order fulfillment. Also, Purchasing, Warehousing and Shipping encountered escalating costs. Using proven methodologies, our consultants were able to align the supply chain strategy to the corporate vision, map out the processes, and develop a sound future state model.

Success. A combined team instituted a quality system, improved inventory accuracy, reformed the order-to-ship process, reduced manufacturing costs, and reduce overall inventory investment. The final success factor was an improvement in customer service level.


BC Bearings

Challenges.  BC Bearings is an industrial distributor with a number of distribution centres and semi-autonomous branches had not reviewed the distribution network for a decade. The product profile and the market spread had changed over the decade with the result that service costs were increasing and  margins decreasing.

Success. Our consultants worked with the distributor’s team to review the distribution strategy with a view to understand the scope of the issues. We then used a proven optimization approach to model the network and costs. We also examined the people, processes and facilities. The result for the distributor was a streamlined network with fewer inventories and consolidated facilities while improving service and lower costs.



BC Liquor Distribution Branch (LDB)

Challenges. The LDB is a large, semi-autonomous government organization in the alcoholic beverage industry, with sales over $2 billion, wanted a distribution assessment after a government core services review. Our consultants used the Supply Chain Operations Reference (SCOR) model to diagnose and benchmark the distribution organization and its performance.

Success. The SCOR model combines benchmarking, process improvement, best practices and multi-level metrics to illustrate how a supply chain can be improved. Our consultants, along with the organization’s team, were able to offer a series of recommendations which resulted in savings of tens of millions of dollars.




Challenges. DynaLife is a health diagnostic organization with a private fleet which picked up samples and then deliver reports. The fleet incurred high cost-to-serve customers, poor vehicle utilization and high turnover of operators. Our consultants conducted transportation diagnostic of the transportation strategy and operations.

Success. Our recommendations resulted in a change in leadership in the fleet management, a streamlined transportation function in the organization and the implementation of a transportation management system.


mission hill

Mission Hill

Challenges.  Mission Hill is a private sector winery and importer with fast growth which caused consideration of a facility move to accommodate the inventory and value-added services.

 Success. Our consultants conducted a SKU density analysis along with a cubic space and storage media analysis to determine the new facility requirements. Based on our consultants’ recommendations, the winery was able to increase storage density by almost 20% precluding a costly and disruptive move.



Norsat International

Challenges. The company was in an aggressive growth phase. The logistics architecture could not support the required service levels at acceptable costs.

Success. Our consultants worked with the client to design and implement a new warehouse layout and order fulfillment process. We also undertook a network study that located a hub in the USA for distribution in that country.


Paradise Island Foods         

Challenges. The company used temperature controlled environments to cool or freeze inventory. The inventory requiring cooling was growing much faster than any other segment.

Success. Our consultants did an evaluation and assisted in the switch between freezers and cooling spaces. We coordinated with a number of different engineering and specialists to complete the change over and allow the company to continue production.



Challenge. The company had a Warehouse Management System (WMS) but still suffered from lost product, low inventory accuracy and long search times. The impact on costs and service was considerable.

Success. Our consultants identified key constraints and gaps in the WMS implementation and usage. We worked with the client team to configure the WMS correctly, produce report templates for management and introduced cycle counting as a formal process. The result overcame the identified challenges at minimal cost.



Molson Breweries

Challenge. A $1 billion dollar company produced product and distributed it in Canada and the USA. The shipping and yard suffered from backups and was gridlocked.

Success. Our consultants identified organizational, process and communication bottlenecks. We recommended and helped to implement improved processes at the shipping and yard interface; opened communications between shipping, carriers and production; and improved yard layout and operation.


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