Inventory Strategy

A company’s inventory strategy has a large affect on the overall structure and operating cost of the supply chain.

  • Given my company’s parameters, what is the best possible method for forecasting? How can I mitigate the risks of forecast error and irregular demand on my forecasting results?sc-04-inventory
  • How should the nature of demand in my industry affect my inventory policy? Is my industry’s demand perpetual, seasonal, or declining?
  • How can I link my inventory and transportation strategies to decrease pipeline inventory?
  • What are importation factors to consider given that I have a push or pull inventory policy?
  • Given my production constraints, what is the best way to balance all costs relating to my inventory objectives?
  • I have a pull supply chain with very uncertain demand and lead-time, what should be my optimal re-order point?
  • What changes have to be made to my organization in order to implement just-in-time demand? What tradeoffs would have to be made? How should I best schedule my supply?
  • How can my organization formalize their materials resource planning? How should we deal with lead time uncertainty when following MRP?
  • Which purchasing strategies are most pertinent to my organization?

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