Organizational Control & Technology

Organizational control is a key factor when it comes to designing supply chain strategy.

  • I am hoping to outsource, what are the risks sc-06-controland benefits of this for my organization?
  • Should what are the pros and cons to offshore and near shore sourcing? Are the feasible given my constraints?
  • What systems should we have in place to have visibility with our suppliers?
  • I have heard about the supply chain benefits from alliances and partnerships, which benefits are pertinent to my organization? Is this a feasible option for my company? Should these be strategic alliances, contractual, or simply transactional?
  • Are there some resources and inputs that I should generate in-house? What is the reasoning behind this decision?
  • What are the affects of decentralization and centralization on my supply chain? What change management will be required in order to implement this change?
  • What technology will operationalize an executive dashboard and KPIs?

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