Sales & Customer Service Goals

Customer service goals are reached by harmonizing location, inventory, and transportation strategies.

  • How can I mitigate incentive pricing like ordesc-02-servicer synchronization, batching, trade promotions, and shortage gaming? How can information technology help with this?
  • How can I work with my suppliers and buyers to introduce new technology to improve my supply chain and increase customer satisfaction?
  • I am finding that a lot of demand variability in my supply chain, how can this effect be decreased?
  • Which stage of the product life cycle is my product in? What factors can I plan for and expect to affect my supply chain in each stage?
  • How can I best mitigate risks with a perishable, high value, volatile, or hazardous product?
  • How should I best plan my supply chain for sales promotions?
  • How should my organization balance cost and service in order to maximize profits?
  • How should I best develop contingency plans in case of breakdowns or product recalls?
  • How can we best match the requirements of sales, operations, finance in order to¬† successfully strategize for the future?

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