Strategy Planning

­Strategy planning is at the heart of all supply chains. GLS has over 25 years experience in linking supply chain success to various organizational goals. Linking operational, tactical, and strategic tasks with current processes, duties, and resources is a imperative to exceed dynamic

  • How can my inventory, location, and transportation strategies work together to increase all customer service goals?
  • How should I plan for future growth and industry requirements?
  • Which channel design characteristics are most important when selecting supply chain types? Are my product/services characteristics more fitted to that of a responsive supply chain or an efficient supply chain?
  • How should I most effectively manage my supply chain performance?
  • How should I properly select the appropriate information technology system to benefit my organization’s goals? What are the pros and cons of TMS, WMS, VDI, and ERP?
  • How can I best mitigate the costs of my production bottleneck? How can this be improved upon?
  • What is the best way to for my company to improve our organizational design as well as our workforce development?

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