Transportation Strategy

Transportation is one of the last, and therefore, more visible sectors of a supply chain. A well-executed transportation design strategy is important in increasing overall customer service while improving operating margins.

  • What is the best way to design my transportation network in relation to cost, service lsc-03-transportevel, and modal selection? How should I properly route, utilize modes, and identify consolidation opportunities? ¬†What changes can I make to become more competitive?
  • What is the new operating cost of the proposed transportation strategy?
  • How can a more effective transportation strategy make my company more competitive, decrease expenses, and increase economies of scale?
  • I know that price, transit time, potential for damage, and predictability vary from mode to mode. What is the best mode given my products individual characteristics and how should I manage these trade-offs?
  • Would I benefit from outsourcing my transportation to a third party logistics company? Given my constraints, should I look into an asset-based or non-asset based 3PL?
  • Which principles are most important to follow when routing and scheduling our transportation?

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