Evergro Group of Companies hired GLS Consulting to increase our inventory accuracy from 65% to 99%. The project was successful and we subsequently went on to engage GLS Consulting for a number of different projects over the next eight years. They contributed in a substantial and meaningful way to Evergro’s success.

GLS not only provided traditional consulting in purchasing, warehousing, transportation, WMS and production, they had expertise in management facilitation, process documentation and innovation, as well as project management. GLS provided training using case studies during the business requirements documentation phase of our ERP selection project and during our project charter development.

GLS Consulting is highly recommended for any business issues faced by business organizations. The Consultants are highly professional and align with all levels of management and staff.

R. Keltie

Operations Manager

Evergro Group of Companies

Delta, BC


I engaged GLS Consulting for not just their expertise in logistics and process, but their ability to deliver with an educational approach. I had many employees involved in our solutions, and their personal knowledge was varied to say the least. Brian and his staff provided “training” to go along with our chosen solutions, and that investment continues to pay dividends for the people involved and the company as a whole.

Sean McKenna

(Former) VP Operations

Kamloops, BC



GLS Logistics helped us during the redesign of our 7,000 sq ft building materials warehouse at UBC Building Operations in 2012. We needed to increase space/shelf utilization in our pallet racking area in order to vacate another warehouse in the campus. To make matters more difficult, the manufacturer of our racking system has gone out of business, something that was limiting our ability to access specs and load data. Brian Graystone and his team did a wonderful job to get to the core of our issues and swiftly recommending the most cost effective warehouse lay out and slotting plan. Furthermore, they helped us navigating the regulatory process to implement the changes recommended in our racking system, something that we didn’t have any experience with and that would have been a potential source of delays. Thanks to Brian and his team, we were able to complete the redesign project on time and within budget.

I would recommend GLS Logistics without hesitation and will certainly partner with them again on future projects.

Luis C. Lopez, MBA, PMP, CSSBB

Program Manager, Operational Effectiveness

University of British Columbia


BC Bearing hired GLS Consulting to help assess our inventory levels, distribution network and information technology. They provided in depth analysis and rolled up the data in a meaningful way to help  BC Bearing make strategic decisions across our network. GLS worked collaboratively with management and staff including working groups and interviews with all levels of our people.

Tom Deilschneider

VP Supplier Relations

BC Bearing (now Motion Canada)


We have utilized the service of GLS Consulting to the benefit of our company and our clients. GLS Consulting has augmented our Supply Chain and Logistics services team, from time to time, with their trusted senior resources. They have assisted us in the capacity of subject matter experts and provided valuable insight and recommendations for improved efficiency on the basis of best practices and assisted during the implementation of some of the recommendations to improve our client’s operations. Their expertise and years of experience in Logistics and Supply Chain Management sets them apart from other consultants in their field. They have demonstrated that they understand the intricacies and complex dynamics of both public and private sector organizations where effective business transformation is dependent on multifaceted factors such as funding, government priorities, collective agreements, etc. GLS has met our expectations with a rigorous project management approach, sense of urgency and determined focus on business results. We look forward to working with GLS on future projects.


Chris Eland


Sierra Systems Group Inc.

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